The dynamic logo of the Bertram Collins College of the Public Service encompass the State Shield at the apex, a book of knowledge with a pair of torches symmetrically positioned at it sides, altogether composited by four pillars, all on a green state color background.

The State Shield

The state shield of Guyana illustrates that the Bertram Collins College is a state institution with the mission to equip Public Servants with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude to deliver exemplary service to all the citizenry of Guyana.

The Four Pillars

The Staff College has been conceptualized as having four pillars to modernize, and over time transform the Guyana Public Service into a highly professional executive arm of government. Those pillars are entrance level, junior management, middle management and senior management training programmes.

The Book

The book represents knowledge that will be gained by students attending the College and new awareness and understanding that the College can derive through its interaction with staff and students.

The Laurels

This ancient representation of achievement and victory as bestowed on champions, illustrates that the College is the most excellent state institution of learning and a symbol of the expected high academic achievement of students.

The Flame of Learning

The pair of torches is the College’s symbol of learning and love, that is to say; we are the same family and are here to help. It speaks to the creativity that will be encouraged and the multiple tools of learning needs, which will be used to actively engage students flame of learning and for them to be more inspired and motivated. The Burning Flames were fashioned from the inspirational quote by Plutarch, who said”…education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel…”

The Green Background

The green background of the Logo represents one of the state colors, and it depicts the agricultural and forested nature of Guyana.