The Bertram Collins College of the Public Service is the brainchild of H.E. the President, David Arthur Granger. In Outlining his vision for the College on May 21, 2015 to Ministers, Permanent Secretaries and all heads of Units in the Public Service at the Arthur Chung Convention Centre, The President stated that the College would undertake the training of “everyone entering the Public Service”: and stressed that a properly functioning public service is vital to the smooth running of any country.

It is recognised that the public service as the engine of the executive, must be efficient, if services such as housing, education, law and order, public health, infrastructure are to be possible. Furthermore, the services provided by this arm of the state must be accessible in all regions using the most modern technology.

The Staff College is therefore meant to transform the public service into a professional institution that will serve the citizenry of Guyana with integrity, impartiality and objectivity, and be loyal to the government of the day-of whatever political persuasion.